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XGEN engineering


Consulting Services for the BWR Internals


  • BWRVIP Evaluations Plant specific application of BWRVIP requirements to assist in compliance, inspection planning and assessment of indications
  • BWR Knowledge - Providing recommendations to utilities based on BWR fleet experience and US regulatory positions and ASME Code criteria


Outage Support Services


  • Engineering Analysis Support - Evaluation of NDE indications, fracture mechanics evaluations and related structural assessments
  • Weld residual stress evaluations
  • Fatigue and IGSCC evaluations
  • Development and assessment of repair options for BWR components
  • Assessment of mitigation and repair options
  • Provide second opinions and assess OEM recommendations


Asset Management Services


  • Assessment of BWR internals
  • Materials assessment and mitigation recommendations
  • Structural evaluation, stress analysis and ASME Code evaluations of pressure vessel components
  • Assist in developing presentations and reports to regulatory
  • Training on ASME Code Criteria and Requirements
  • Development of long term plans for asset preservation
  • Environmental evaluations including water chemistry, fluence considerations


Structural Analysis Services


  • Stress analysis of pressure vessel components
  • Elastic and Elastic Plastic Finite Element Analysis
  • ANSYS Modeling and structural analysis
  • ASME Code analysis and certified stress reports
  • ASME Code Fatigue analysis
  • Piping Evaluations and Class 1/2/3 piping stress analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Vibration response spectrum and time history analysis
  • Structural analysis for EPU and license renewal
  • Application of DFSS for component design and stress analysis


PWR Services


  • Alloy 600 issues and other MRP related activities
  • Weld overlays for PWR piping
  • Third party evaluations of vendor work
  • Fracture mechanics and Section XI evaluations


Welding and Material Services


  • Weld Overlay Qualification and Implementation
  • Temper bead weld repair
  • Welding of dissimilar metals Ni based weld qualification
  • Materials and welding consulting
  • Weld repair of pressure vessel components
  • Underwater welding
  • Materials issues related to license renewal





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